Filameline TPU Flex® 95A Filament


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Filameline TPU Flex® (ShoreA95) Filament has easy printing, high chemical resistance and high flexibility. It is an engineering material specially designed for applications where high toughness and impact resistance are required. Its flexibility can be adjusted according to the filling rate. It can be used in indirect (Bowden) and direct (Direct Drive) extruders.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  1. hore 95A flexibility
  2. High elongation over 500%
  3. Ease of printing compared to similar flexible materials
  4. High chemical resistance
  5. Excellent layer adhesion
  6. Exceptional fatigue resistance
  7. Very low odor emitted during printing
  8. Low moisture absorption
  9. Maintaining flexibility at low temperatures
  10. Free of styrene and BPA

Filameline TPU Flex®Usage Details

Printing DifficultyDifficult
Temperature Resistance70 °C
ToughnessVery High
Print Surface FinishVery Difficult
Dissolution BehaviorVery Difficult
Print SpeedLow
Detailed PrintBelow 0.2 mm
Nozzle AbrasionNone
Support SeparationDifficult


It may be necessary to loosen the extruder thrust gears as much as possible before printing. It will be enough for the gears to be tightened to a level that can pull the TPU Flexible filament and make contact. In the slicing settings, the retraction value should be at the minimum level or off. Drying the exposed filament can improve print quality. (Drying: 65°C for 4 hours) Print speed is recommended in the range of 20-40 mm/s.

Print Settings

Extruder Temperature


Does not require special "Hot-end"

Bed Temperature


Can be turned off optionally

Nozzle Specs

0,4 mm nozzle

Standard brass can be preferred

Cooling Specs

Fan Speed: 100%

Cooling fan required

Drying Specs

50°C for 4 hours

Maximum value when needed

Heated Chamber

Suitable for open printers

Does not require a closed or heated chamber

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